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Mysore Style Weekend at Abundance Mind Body Auckland

with Kiri, Martina and Steph!

Fri  Introduction to Weekend, Mysore Style with Led Salutes and Standing Poses

Sat  Mysore Style with Led Salutes and Standing Poses, and Technique Workshop – Heating Up – Using Vinyasa to Develop Core Strength for Primary Series and Backbending.

Sun Mysore Style with Led Salutes and Standing Poses, and Technique – Cooling Down – The Finishing Sequence – Inversions, Expanding the Breath, and Meditation.

Early Pricing 225$ by June 27th, thereafter 250$

Exact time schedule coming soon.

To register please contact:

Trinity Bios

Martina Götz has practised yoga for over 20 years and has been

teaching for more than 15 years, predominantly in the Ashtanga

Vinyasa tradition as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India.

For 10 years she has been travelling regularly to India to study

with the Jois family in Mysore. Before Pattabhi Jois’s passing in

2009 she received authorisation and blessing to teach through his

institute (KPJAYI) and attended a teaching training with Sharath

in 2010. Martina also practises regularly with Peter Sanson, Dena

Kingsberg and Matthew Sweeney. Her teaching is steeped in

tradition yet accommodating to each individual students needs.

She teaches regular weekly classes in Auckland and workshops

throughout New Zealand.

Kiri Sutherland has practiced Ashtanga yoga since 2000. She has

learnt the first three series from certified teacher Peter Sanson

in New Zealand and is level 2 authorised by KPJAYI to teach

the primary and intermediate series. In the last 10 years Kiri has

taught traditional mysore-style classes in Wellington and Hawkes

Bay, assisted in Peter Sanson Workshops and more recently

conducted solo workshops in NZ and Kuala Lumpur. She teaches

with gentle adjustments, enthusiasm and trust in the Ashtanga


Stephanie Nelson has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for over 10

years. She loves the daily inquiry on the mat and the foundation

that ashtanga brings to her busy life as a mother of 3. Stephanie

has practiced in Mysore with Guruji and Sharath as well as on

tours. She practices with certified teachers, Peter Sanson, Dena

Kingsberg, and Mark Robberds as often as she can. Stephanie has

been leading the Ashtanga yoga group on Waiheke Island for over

7 years, founding The Breathing Space Yoga Collective, hosting

several national and international ashtanga teachers, and teaching

regular mysore style classes. She is deeply grateful to her teachers

and her students for providing continuing guidance and inspiration.


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