We are  delighted to introduce Yuki Inoue, a Yoga teacher, back offering classes again here on Waiheke on Tuesday evenings …

From Yuki …

Yoga for me at the moment:

We practice in our daily life with repeatedly movement of our body, such as playing music, driving a car, running etc…

Our intelligent body starts to remember how to coordinate and cultivate, and through the practice we are gaining the new normality. It is like when we enter to the room in darkness and we know where the switch for the light is.

In Yoga practice, we use our body and breath to train our mind (or the tap of emotion). The emotional darkness is inescapable, just like we have the morning and night. Source of suffering is our memories, attachment and misapprehension.

Through Asana practice I’ve been learning a lot of things about myself from my body:

  • what makes me unbalanced is, and how to adjust?
  • how to be steady?
  • how to say ‘no thank you’ to my habits which are not helping me anymore?

For example, I noticed my inside voice telling me ‘I can’t do’, which was limiting my ability before trying. Slowly noticing and peeling the layers off of my ego, judgement filters to be free from the suffering until it becomes my new normality.

We explore all of this in our Yoga practice. Please join me, Tuesdays, for Breath and movement (vinyasa, yin and yang, meditation), at the Red Cross Building Hall, 5.45-7pm, from the 2nd May 2023.