Workshops and Events

The Breathing Space encourages students to attend weekend yoga workshops and intensives.

These “special” times allow the students to focus deeply on their yoga practices, expand their knowledge and understanding of the practice, and integrate new found concepts into their daily lives on and off the mat.

We have been fortunate to have Peter Sanson, senior certified NZ Ashtanga yoga teacher conduct regular weekend intensives on Waiheke – his workshops bring new energy and insight, humility and grace into the studio space.We’ve also hosted senior Ashtanga teacher Martina Gotz from Auckland, Mark Robberds, Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann, and renown teacher Mark Whitwell.

We also feature and host other senior teachers from the Global Yoga Community: Donna Farhi, Lisa Petersen, J Brown amongst others.

Do have a look at the Workshops and Events Menu and contact us if you need any more info on any of the events.

As each year passes, we looking forward to more guest teachers coming to the island to share their wisdom and understanding.


Neal Ghoshal

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