Sibylla Meckel

Sibylla Meckel, Qi Gong Instructor, Waiheke Island

About Sibylla

Sibylla is a certified Qigong Instructor and practitioner of Reiki.

Phone: 021 538 486

Sibylla has been actively engaged with Holistic health and healing since 1993. Originally from Germany, she has lived on Waiheke Island since 16 years, teaching Reiki and the Universal Healing Tao. In her private practice in Surfdale she gives individual sessions in transformational and oriental bodywork such as Chi Nei Tsang, a form of taoist abdominal massage.

Sibylla is passionate about empowering people to heal themselves and to offer them ways to complete their conscious unfolding of body, mind and spirit. Sibylla teaches “energy awareness” and “inward connection” to teenagers, as well as terminal ill people, where the medical department has no cure or given up on. However, connecting with Love, and especially self-love is at the core of all the techniques and modalities, that Sibylla is offering.

I love the challenge of believing in the impossible, especially in the power of human consciousness, and the universal love.

Please go to Sibylla’s website or contact her directly to find out more about her classes, treatments and courses.


5 Element Qi Gong Mini Retreats

22nd March 6-8 pm
“chi-full through Autumn”- balancing and healing your “Inner Metal Element.“
More info on Sibylla’s website:


About Qi Gong with Sibylla

Qi Gong is an ancient form of moving meditation to awaken the Qi life force and to bring harmony to the organs and all their vital systems. Some of the practices also involve conscious breathing, visualization, healing sounds and meditation.

There are countless benefits of Qi Gong. If practiced regularly and the “right” intentions Qi Gong, which means translated something like “the harnessing and cultivation of qi life force energy”, can improve the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of all vital organs and their vital systems. As the mind guides the Qi (energy), with a positive mind one can transform any negativity into pure life force.

Through certain meditations that focus on the emotional intelligence in the organs, one can “love” them back to balance. Physical pain, which is only a form of stagnate Qi, can be shifted or even expelled.

Who can learn Qi Gong?

Everybody. It is easy to learn and most movements can be achieved by almost anybody – children love the simplicity and imagination (visualisation) part of Qi Gong. It can be practiced standing, sitting or even lying down. As long as one can breathe, one can do Qi Gong.

Please email Sibylla: for further information and to come to her classes.
Also see her website here:

Sibylla Meckel, Qi Gong Instructor, Waiheke Island



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