Rose Margesson

Rose Margesson Have you ever had an experience that changed your life forever?

That happened to me when I fell in love with Yoga during my first class and I knew it was something I wanted to explore.

At the age of 21, I was far from home and challenged by a series of events that made me question everything.

I needed to find out who I was and what I could offer to the world.

I confess, my search led me into the embrace of an extreme Yogini lifestyle. I covered my stove with a white sheet and stuck to a raw food, plant-based diet. I stopped dating and became celibate. I arose at 4.00 AM to meditate and practice asanas. In my spare time, I frequently attended ten day silent Vipassana meditation retreats.

I followed this path of austerity for three years. I felt motivated and it gave me a sense of purpose. It led me to some extraordinary teachers. And it laid the foundation for what followed.

I discovered I had the stamina and discipline to start- from my kitchen table- what became an international jewellery business, while I raised a family.

Yoga gave me the courage to end a marriage of fifteen years- and, to begin a new one.

As a single mum, I opened a Yoga studio. Within six months I had a waiting list of students even though I taught nine classes a week.

Flexibility and my love of adventure led me to teach in a wide range of settings, from a New York ghetto to an opulent UK health centre, from pre-exam programs for affluent kids to retreats for high need children in Australia. I’ve even taught Yoga in a gated retirement community in Mexico.

Yoga has led me down paths I simply couldn’t have imagined as a lost young woman.

It has encouraged me to live life more fully than I could have dreamed of.

And that is why I love to pass on my skills, insight and experience to my students here on Waiheke Island.

I hold a Diploma from the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) and Diplomas in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Nutrition. As a practicing Nutritionist, I also teach classes and programs at the Waiheke Island Adult Education Centre.

Rose’s classes are based on decades of practice and inspiration from a few great teachers

She believes Yoga should leave you feeling grounded, centred and revitalised. Hatha Yoga- the basis of all later Yoga styles- is her core practice.

You will enjoy a flowing sequence, with the emphasis on discovering how your breath can help you gain greater mental focus, insight and clarity, while strengthening your physical balance and agility. Every class ends with a period of deep relaxation for your body and your mind.

Rose teaches small, intimate classes of no more than 5 students. Her classes tend to be in the 50+ age group. If students have any minor limitations she can correct alignment and suggest modifications.

Her PRIVATE CLASSES are special. She weaves together asana (postures), breath and metaphor, so you can release the mental, emotional and physical obstacles holding you back.

Rose teaches at her home space or in yours. She teaches small groups and private classes.
GROUP $20.00 per person

Please contact her directly on 0210518660


Rose Margesson

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