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Paul Cohen, Bone Yoga

Yoga is fundamentally about returning us to a state of original wholeness through the exploration of movement principles, asana’s (poses), as well as the breath and mindful meditation techniques.

We all tend to be fixed in old habitual patterns, physical and emotional. These “default” patterns keep us stuck on many levels.

Paul’s classes are designed to support students in their own process of enquiry and discovery, in a gentle, safe and supported way. One of his main goals is to help students understand how to release old unwanted patterns and at the same time helping students to feel more comfortable and at ease in themselves.

Most spiritual practices including yoga are designed to help free us of our minds chatter and other inhibiting factors and to return us to places of just being. It is this mindful presence in each moment that has the most potential for change.

It’s important to realise that yoga isn’t about how flexible we are or whether we are able to tie ourselves in knots, it’s much more about our state of presence/being.

The ease in which he teaches makes his classes open to all levels.

For many years from his late teens, Paul immersed himself in the practiced of Vipassana meditation and at the same time dabbled on and off with yoga. It wasn’t until early 2015 after Paul was critically ill that he committed himself to doing more “serious” regular daily yoga.

He decided that the best way to learn yoga would be to become a yoga teacher and dedicated 2016 to studying yoga and completed the 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teachers Training at Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training in Auckland, with Neal Ghoshal, Karla Brodie, Vincent Bolletta and Dyana Wells.

Paul qualified as an Acupuncturist in 1985, a Zero Balancer in 1992 and a Zero Balancing Teacher is 1996. He has lived and worked on Waiheke Island since 2000. Paul has immersed himself for decades working and teaching mind/body therapy.

He has recently branched out on his own, interweaving his knowledge and experience, along with his personal learnings and has developed a unique style of yoga and bodywork therapy, Bone Yoga and Bone Yoga Bodywork.

Paul teaches Bone Yoga (

Many of Paul’s insights of Bone Yoga come from and were influenced by years of passion exploring and teaching Zero Balancing, and the years of healing work focusing on the skeletal system. 

The foundation of his practice combines the physical with the inner emotional, with a  focus of supporting clients and students through their inner journey.

Paul retired from teaching and practicing Zero Balancing in 2017 so that he could focus on his new passion, Bone Yoga.

Tuesdays 7pm to 8.30pm
Sundays 10am-11.30am
Paul’s home studio is at 159 Awaawaroa Road, past Onetangi (map here >>)

Paul teaches from his home studio on Waiheke and you can also find him at Yoga Festivals and workshops.

Private Classes and Therapies
Please contact me to discuss private Yoga tuition or if you would like support with Zero Balancing or Acupuncture.

Paul teaches in New Zealand and internationally. He lives and works on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.
Contact Paul:
On Facebook >>
09 372 3115
021 520 065
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