Ornela Saltamartini

About Ornela

Phone: 027 5067931
Email: ornela_saltamartini@hotmail.com

Ornela is an Ashtanga Yoga certified teacher, palm reader and Reiki practitioner. She has been practicing Yoga for about 10 years now. She started with Iyengar Yoga in Argentina for 6 years and then she continued developing interest for other styles. When she arrived on Waiheke Island she became Ziggy Schmidt’s student for almost 3 years, and then decided to go to India to do her Yoga Teacher Training.

Ziggy gave her the space to do her own classes so now she is teaching at her studio in Onetangi. With this blend of styles she has developed flowing classes that are challenging but yet calming at the same time.

Ornela Yoga Ashtanga Waiheke Island

Yoga Style

Her style includes strong flows and numerous exercises with blocks, straps or walls to help the correct alignment of the body. All levels welcome.

Her classes are usually full, so contacting her is always recommended before going to the studio.

Classes are on a Koha basis, so no fixed cost needed.

Where And When

All classes are Ziggy’s Home Studio, 66 Victoria Road South, Onetangi (map here>>)

Wednesday 7pm
Thursday 7pm
Friday 7pm

Phone: 027 5067931
Email: ornela_saltamartini@hotmail.com

Ornela Yoga Ashtanga Waiheke Island, Ziggy's Home Studio

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