Hannah Hilali

Website: hilalihannah.wix.com/hilaniyoga Email: hannahhilali@hotmail.co.uk Phone: 020 411 23112Facebook: www.facebook.com/hilaniyoga

Hannah HilaliFor me teaching yoga is about creating safe spaces for people to be vulnerable. The expression of vulnerability can take many forms. It could be having the vulnerability to try a new pose, or to hold a pose when your body is telling you it wants to release, or to allow your body to release when your mind is telling you to hold on.

It is present when aligning the body, breath and mind through flowing asanas creating stillness and softness.

Vulnerability is integral to creating the time and space for relaxation and healing allowing us to carry the serenity we create on the mat into our lives off the mat.

Vinyasa resonates with me due to it’s creative nature. I set an intention for each class that acts as an ‘aim’ and then select asanas specifically to correspond with that aim. I weave asana and intention together seamlessly complementing one another as though the two are inseperable.  

Vinyasa classes can be used to open our creative channels utilising the help of art, poetry, music and dance.  They can be powerful, strong, warrior classes or equally relaxing, compassionate and healing.

Vinyasa for me is magical because of the plethora of experiences and sensations that can arise from a class and how different these are for the individual.  For me teaching and practicing yoga is a very personal experience and it’s an honour to be able to share it with you.

Sunday 2-3.30pm, it’s a fast power flow yoga class (vinyasa) followed by an optional half an hour meditation. 

Sunday at 4-5.30pm which is an hour and a half slower sunset vinyasa class to wind down at the end of the week. 

Classes are at Hannah’s home studio – contact her on 020 411 23112 for full information and to reserve your place.

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