Paul Cohen
Phone Number
021 520 065
Location on Waiheke
Onetangi Area
The Bone Yoga enabled me to be in touch with each part of my body without overstretching or strain. Its gentle somatic nature allowed a release of tension from my muscles and most noticeably from my hip joints.
Louise Grundy

"It's like doing yoga from the inside out"
Pam Brettell

Bone Yoga is a real treat to learn and practice. It is so mindful and comfortable on the body that it will suit everyone of any ability. Despite not doing much, nor stretching at all (which is a welcome and unusual approach in Yoga), I felt completely released and aligned each time after practicing. I particularly enjoyed the reset sequence, the slow asanas, and the meditations on our Inner Resource and Heart Felt Desire. It enhanced my appreciation of anatomy and Zero Balancing as well. Thank you Paul for bringing this to us.

Andy Kidd (teacher of Contact Yoga, Pranayama and Anapana meditation; practitioner of Vinyasa, Astanga and Vinny Yoga, with 30 years' experience).
Qualifications / Teacher Level
Licentiate of Acupuncture 1985, Bachelour of Acupuncture 1988, from the College of Traditional Five Element UK.

Certified Zero Balancing practitioner 1992. Qualified Zero Balancing Teacher 1996.

Founder of the Zero Balancing Association New Zealand/Australia 2000.

Psychocalithenics teacher late 1999’s.

Advanced Yoga Teacher 2015

Founder Bone Yoga, Bone Yoga Bodywork 2017

Co-Founder A-Way Therapy (with Tim Franklin)

Paul teaches in NZ and internationally, he lives and works on Waiheke Island New Zealand.
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